Marina Josephine Masanet

Thursday, February 21 2019

Hola Everybody!

My wife went into labor 2 weeks early, yesterday afternoon, and I have a new daughter.  You may guess that I need to get to my wife ASAP and be there with her and the little one. Sometimes our best laid plans don't work out as designed; as you all know I planned to depart next week after the CCIW meet. I hope you all understand that this was a decision that I believe any good father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandparent or grandkid would make for their family. Family should be our priority at all times - or those we consider our family.  

I know you will all do your best this weekend and also the next couple of weeks. Please continue to communicate extra-good with Coach Simpson and Isabell and Omar - your event coach. If you have more than one coach, communicate with them all! Practice will still go on at regular times (except spring break week) and expectations are the same. Please be on time, come prepared and ready to work hard and with each other.

This weekend, do your best! Prepare your best - warm-ups, stretching, mental preparation and following your "race plan" whether that is splits in your mile race or to explode out of the blocks or to drive your knee up in the HJ or LJ or to stay back and low and chest out in the Shot Put. Focus on the process and the outcomes can materialize. Cheer each other, support each other and have a good time at the CCIW meet! I'll be watching live and seeing live results. I'll be also getting updates constantly. 

Thank you to everybody for understanding my situation and need to be with my growing family at this important time!  See you all in a few weeks. Go Vikings!